What is TSPA?

We are an inclusive group that welcomes all members of the campus law enforcement community:

  1. Police Officers
  2. Security or Public Safety Officers
  3. Communications Officers
  4. Parking and Traffic Personnel
  5. Administrative Staff Members


TSPA Goals:

Our goals are to enhance the quality of life for members of campus law enforcement.

  1.  We represent the interests of employees of Colleges, Universities, and Independent School District Police Departments in the State of Texas who are our members.
  2. We give voice to concerns of our respective members and their departments.
  3. We are committed to retirement reform within the Teacher Retirement System
  4. We represent our members before the Texas Legislature, State University Boards of Regents, their Chancellors, College Boards of Trustees, and ISD School Board.
  5. We will provide an environment of pride, fellowship, and networking within the campus law enforcement community.
  6. We influence training and education within the campus law enforcement community.
  7. We encourage outreach events and help provide law enforcement education to our members' communities inside the State of Texas.  We will continuously research services that we can provide to our members to support them.

We also welcome non-Campus Law Enforcement personnel to join as Associate Members.


If you like to join but don't want to use our online system download the TSPA application and the Recruitment Letter and submit the application by mail to:

TSPA                                                                                                                                                         P.O.BOX 195381                                                                                                                                     Dallas, Texas 75219 

Contact us by email at:  General@tspa.name


We welcome donations so that we have the resources to champion legislation that supports the goals of this organization. Your support is appreciated.

$100 – Donation
$75 – Donation
$50 – Donation
$25 – Donation
$10 – Donation
Other Amount